Welcome to PurpleCat Design

I am an independent instructional designer, digital illustrator and writer based in Winchester, UK, providing the following services:

  • custom, hand-drawn pet portraits (pastels and pencils)
  • illustrations (books/magazines, cartoons, prints, icons and infographics, animals, property, products, etc.)
  • 2D digital illustrations and some design (flyers, menus, posters, personalised cards: wedding invitations, thank you cards, anniversary announcements/events etc.)
  • creative and technical writing


Dougal’s World (Coming along in 2021, illustrations, main character concept) www.dougalsworld.co.uk
– Adventures of Dougal McHog, the hedgehog
(a colouring book full of funny stories!)

Find updates on Dougal’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DougalsWorld

12 Feasts of Christmas (October 2019, illustrations)
– Cheeky Christmas singalong book with Santa and Rudolph visiting different households across the world and feasting!