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Christmas market in Tallinn
Christmas, Estonia, Holidays, Tallinn, Tourism, Travelling
By PurpleCat Design / 09/11/2017

Tallinn – have a magical holiday this Christmas!

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a perfect Christmas holiday destination for anyone looking to escape tedious family gatherings, couples seeking a romantic getaway, aficionados of enthralling history and medieval culture, and families hoping for a fairy-tale experience on a modest budget. You can immerse yourself in festive activities, taste the flavours of the traditional...

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Confident business people
Business, Health, Personal development
By PurpleCat Design / 28/09/2017

How to boost your self-esteem and confidence

Contrary to common beliefs, neither confidence nor self-esteem are traits we are born with. This means, they can be developed...

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Holidays, Iceland, Tourism, Travelling
By PurpleCat Design / 15/07/2017

Next stop: Iceland!

Iceland covers a vast area of 103,000 km² (which is slightly bigger than Ireland), but with an average of 3...

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Email business communication
Business, Personal development, Work
By PurpleCat Design / 11/07/2017

How to write successful business emails

Have you ever received a business email that left you puzzled and pondering about ‘what the author meant’? You are...

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Wroclaw - old town Market Square (Rynek)
Holidays, Poland, Tourism, Travelling, Wroclaw
By PurpleCat Design / 13/06/2017

Destination: Wroclaw – a perfect weekend break

Whether you are a fan of stunning architecture and rich history, a fairy tale dreamer, or simply want a pocket-friendly...

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The power of magnetism by PurpleCat
Business, Personal development, Work
By PurpleCat Design / 07/03/2017

The power of personal magnetism in business

Building a new business from scratch can be a daunting task, regardless of what your offer is. Where do you...

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Otter blows his own trumpet. ©PurpleCat Design, 2016
Business, Personal development, Work
By PurpleCat Design / 18/04/2016

Five commandments for blowing your own trumpet

Self-promotion can be a tricky matter: while blowing your own trumpet in small doses is crucial to your career progression...

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Tatra Mountains - View from Kasprowy Wierch
Holidays, Poland, Tourism, Travelling
By PurpleCat Design / 02/04/2016

Direction: Poland, the Tatra Mountains for the holiday of a lifetime!

Tatra Mountains, Poland - an ideal destination for hikers, skiers, tourists bored with traditional holiday spots in Europe and couples wanting to experience romantic holidays in unique places with breath-taking sceneries.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - hand
By PurpleCat Design / 01/04/2016

Five facts and myths about carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

1. Myth: CTS is most commonly found among those who spend much/lots of time working on a computer keyboard and...

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South Queensferry - Hawes Inn
Britian, Holidays, Scotland, Tourism, Travelling
By PurpleCat Design / 03/03/2016

South Queensferry – a place of history, a place of mystery.

South Queensferry, a small picturesque town, on the shore of the Firth of Forth between the Forth Rail Bridge and the Forth Road Bridge is a truly Scottish gem, not to be missed when planning your trip to Edinburgh. The town provides an unforgettable experience, a rich historical background, unique architecture, old narrow streets, monumental...

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