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Tallinn – have a magical holiday this Christmas!

Christmas market in Tallinn

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a perfect Christmas holiday destination for anyone looking to escape tedious family gatherings, couples seeking a romantic getaway, aficionados of enthralling history and medieval culture, and families hoping for a fairy-tale experience on a modest budget. You can immerse yourself in festive activities, taste the flavours of the traditional…

Next stop: Iceland!


Iceland covers a vast area of 103,000 km² (which is slightly bigger than Ireland), but with an average of 3 inhabitants per square kilometre, it is the least populated country in Europe. It is the bitter cold subarctic weather as well as desolate and hostile landscape that make this island mostly uninhabitable, particularly in its…

Destination: Wroclaw – a perfect weekend break

Wroclaw - old town Market Square (Rynek)

Whether you are a fan of stunning architecture and rich history, a fairy tale dreamer, or simply want a pocket-friendly shopping cityscape, Wroclaw is the perfect destination for you. Wroclaw is a lively, tourist-friendly place, and with its population of over 637,000 people, it is the fourth largest city and one of the fastest developing…