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Five commandments for blowing your own trumpet

Otter blows his own trumpet. ©PurpleCat Design, 2016

Self-promotion can be a tricky matter: while blowing your own trumpet in small doses is crucial to your career progression and business success, extensive bragging may be perceived as arrogance, and will push clients away.

Here are the five basic rules to help you blow your own trumpet successfully:

1. Be self-reliant.
Don’t wait for the world to discover you, it may never happen.
Show the world your passion and your talents, and hammer away to achieve your goals.
Remember – success comes with a little luck and a lot of hard work and perseverance!

2. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.
People perceive you through your personality, attitudes, behaviour and actions. Nobody wants to play with Negative Nancy. Being enthusiastic about what you do and happy with who you are helps to create a positive image of yourself. Optimism and confidence are the keys to success. Shine. Make new friends!
Being positive benefits your own mental and physical health too. Immensely.

3. Don’t brag. Be genuine.
Being genuinely proud of your services and capabilities is a sign of a successful business. It will help you attract customers and expand your business contacts. However, there is a fine line between blowing your own trumpet and arrogance. People will easily see through unsubstantiated claims and will start to shun you.
• Whatever you say, make sure you can prove it.
• Whatever you do, make sure people can understand the reasons behind your actions.

4. Take advantage of every opportunity.
Always keep your eyes and ears open for new business opportunities. Make sure others know who you are and what you do. Some people you liaise with may not require your services at that moment, but their contacts might be looking for someone just like you.

5. Avoid leeches.
Success attracts more business opportunities and fresh contacts. Ensure to complement your contacts on their achievements and recommend their services to others, and they are likely to return the favour. However, be wary of false friends, over-enthusiastic ‘helpers’ and hangers-on trying to profiteer from your success. After all, blowing your own trumpet is your job, not theirs! Focus on your goals and the ways to achieve them. Every time, give your best and show others what YOU can do.
Blow your own trumpet, and do it well. After all, your career and your business depend on how well you are perceived and remembered by other people, be they friends, clients or business partners.


Author: J. Martynka, PurpleCat Design, 2016.