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The power of personal magnetism in business

The power of magnetism by PurpleCat

Building a new business from scratch can be a daunting task, regardless of what your offer is.

Where do you start? What do you do if you can’t bring on board any clients from your previous business or place of work? Your skills, knowledge, previous work experience and readiness to put in long working hours are all that you have.

If you think that, then think again! What you have forgotten about is the power of your own personal magnetism, which can help you kick start and move your business forward. You can do it in just 5 simple steps:


1. You’ve got the power!

Enthusiasm and confidence are contagious. By being passionate about your business offer, and believing strongly in yourself and your skills, you create an attractive environment that will attract potential clients like a magnet. Positive thinking draws positive results!



Be authentic and honest about your business offering. Customers will appreciate it.

Let’s say, a client wants to develop a training programme, and you have never covered that subject before. Be honest with the client. Focus on the positives – for example, the fact that you specialise in original content research and development. You can work with subject experts to ensure the content is compliant. Your client should feel reassured that the service you provide is genuine and you are a competent professional.


3. Get social!

Connecting with like-minded individuals who work in similar fields can seriously boost your confidence and expand your knowledge base. It’s also likely to provide access to potential clients. Networking is simply an effective way of building and maintaining solid business relationships

The trick is to keep on top of your list of contacts, and stay in touch with them. Remembering little facts about your contacts, and reacting to their posts or updates on their SM profiles, shows your interest and appreciation for them. It keeps you on their radars!


4. Be praised and spread the word

If you delivered a great service to a client, get their recommendation and make sure it is visible for others to see – on your website and the social media accounts you manage. Positive recommendations have magnetic powers: they make your business recognisable and highly desirable. They can help you take your business offering to the next level.


5. Aspire to inspire!

If you have great ideas, don’t brush them under the carpet. Share them with others and inspire them to follow you.  People will associate you with forward-thinking, creativity, optimism and positive energy. This will help you believe in yourself, explore new possibilities and grow your business!


Now, go and build your business step by step, and make it strong, armed with the five powers of your personal magnetism. I have done exactly that – and so can you!

It’s not magic. Only magical.